Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This idea has been lingering for awhile.

To create a blog....a running diary....of my life as it has been intimately tied into music.

I'm 35 years old. In my life I've listened to thousands of records and seen thousands of bands. Like I think many of my fellow music lovers, I wish so much I had kept a "diary" like this from day one. It would be interesting to go back and see my thoughts on certain bands as they were first making their see the trends and phases of my listening habits over the years. To document shows I went to when I first started going and that - I don't know - that new feeling of something exciting in the air was hitting me. You know that feeling....maybe when you put on an old record you haven't heard in just the right revisit that feeling, if only briefly.

By the time age 35 rolls around - a lot of people don't have the time to devote to music anymore...they don't have the time to listen to music anymore (much less get into anything new) or go to shows.

This is not my scenario. I'm single, I live alone (save for 2 felines), no children. I can't imagine anytime where I will grow out of being a diehard music fan....when I'm 70 - I'll still look forward to drinking beers in the parking lot of Jones Beach eagerly awaiting the Priest show (putting those guys in their 90s - but hey - with lifespans increasing all the time, I'm sure they'll still be there).

I've never become jaded about new stuff. Each generation has music that speaks to them more than others....that's nature - the way of life. There's some band way out there in the future made up of a bunch of kids currently in diapers who will BLOW YOU AWAY if you'll allow them.

Aside from being a music fan....I'm also a musician of sorts. I've been playing music since I was in elementary school. Although I haven't played...oh - I don't know how to say this...."skilled" music for several years.....I still love pounding away on my guitar for Two Man Advantage. If you're actually reading this, you've probably heard of us.

I'm not 100% sure what I want this to blog to be.

Well - I know what it's NOT going to's NOT going to be a place where you're going to find rare records to download. There are plenty of sources for that. Go to Google Blog Search or download Soulseek and have a field day. The only stuff I may upload here are perhaps recordings of stuff I've been involved in....but we'll see if I'll even do that.

I guess first & foremost - the blog is for me. To document my thoughts & feelings on music....or a show I've been to.

For the reader? I don't know....I have no agenda....I hope you find it interesting. I suppose if you know me, it'll be more interesting than if you don't. If we're into the same stuff....I guess you'll find it more interesting than not.

I'd love to generate conversations within the comments....but I know I'm competing with about a zillion other things out there to read....things probably far more interesting & more well-written than this.

Plus - I'm not a great not even sure how to even get my closest friends to read this with any regularity.

By way of disclosure....I'm not THAT well-rounded in my musical tastes. My first exposure to music was my father's classical music collection. I do like some jazz and some stuff outside the rock idiom....but - for the most part - I'm a rock guy....I like music that ROCKS....whatever that may mean....and to me - it could mean what YOU think of what I say something "rocks"....but it could also mean the early Dylan records - you know - just him & his acoustic....if that doesn't rock, I don't know what does.

I have a Germs tattoo on one arm & a King Crimson tattoo on the other....that pretty much covers the bases.

Until next time.


  1. No...YOU rock...well...actually...we both the Dio song: "We Rock". Thanks for the first comment, Jim.

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  4. that picture probably belongs under the other entry...but OK....Ted Neely (?) - the man who made a living playing that Ian Gillan though - not by a longshot.

  5. I really like the idea of this blog!! As a fellow music freak/nerd/what-have-you, I agree with you that I can never imagine a time when I won't be obsessed with music.
    And, I guess, to go with the other post, I went through my dear mother's records about a year ago and found some real doozies :)

  6. Glad you're on board Janelle!....there's no better musical scribe that I know than yourself!

  7. Hello Jeff....Wow you have written much since I last stumbled upon this outstanding blog!
    I am very impressed with your musical background and I happen to be a big fan of ANVIL myself. Although, I believe that METALLICA blows them away "APPLES AND ORANGES". It's amazing when you actually listen to someone (read) you realize just how much in common you have with that person. Hockey, love for music, ANVIL, cards...Anyway, I also have a love for playing music but my stint with the piano only lasted about 3 months. I would not play because my sister played and she was a girl...YUK! So, my good old Grandpa "Myles" bought my a drum set and I began to bang away. I have been playing since I was 8 and I also dabble with the harmonica. I have not played the drums in about three years because I do not own a set, but since I have had a son I have been thinking about purchasing a new set so that he can unleash the fury inside! I completley agree that the piano is a great starting point for anyone who is interested in playing music, but I have to add that the drums are aslo an alternative to the more physical child like myself. ANIMAL,ANIMAL!!!! (Muppets) O...Baby just woke up...I will continue this when I have more time. Chris Hogan