Thursday, October 27, 2011

let's revive this thing

For 2 1/2 years - this blog has lay dormant.

I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted it to be when I had the idea to start it - and I have no idea what I want it to be now.

What I do know is that my love affair with music has never waned & my love of discussing music - whether it be spoken or written - has also never wavered.

Since my Throbbing Gristle post of 2 1/2 years ago my life has changed fairly significantly on a personal level. In a nutshell, I am now living with my girlfriend Anna who, although I've known her for almost 10 years, I had not yet even reconnected with at the time of my last post - let alone had started dating her yet. So yeah - life has changed unbelievably over the past couple of years....and without any doubt - for the better.

Although Anna does love music - her strongest passions are elsewhere. But there's nothing I love more than turning her onto a new band or record....or when she comes into the mancave and asks me to pick out a record for her to listen to while she does something downstairs.

And that - at its core - is the point....turning other people on to something they haven't heard before....or perhaps have heard before but never considered past a certain point.

I don't really know what this blog will be about - but it will certainly continue to be focused on music & musical thoughts.

Talk about my family, the zoo we have in our place (a dog, two cats, two bearded dragons, two tarantulas & a betta fish), my job, my New York Islanders addiction, my newest obsession with air hockey....I guess that could all be interesting to write about & perhaps read....but no.....we'll stick to my most ancient love affair....those 12 glorious notes.

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