Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Blogging Dischord - the head of the trail

I need to get this out of the way now. I appreciate the English language and the rules that go along with it (i.e., grammar). It kills me every time I look at this blog and see that in some depleted mental state, I called it "12 Notes Is Enough" rather than "12 Notes Are Enough". It bothers me - it'll always bother me - but what's done is done.

So here we stand at the head of a long trail. The pathway is laid out as we go chronologically, or, more accurately, numerically, through the Dischord Records catalog. Some of the path will be very familiar, some vaguely familiar, but like all hikes - the most fun will be on those parts that aren't familiar at all. We'll find some tasty berries along the way, and probably some poison ones too.

What I hope this can be, on a personal level, is a feeling of accomplishment and development of writing. I'm not a professional writer and I'm in awe of those who are. Being a musician, it might be odd that I find it exceedingly difficult to write about music, and those that have that particular gift, I salute you.

I certainly hope to discover records not before heard or revisit those I've listened to a couple of times and filed away - for better or for worse. I will give each record more than a fair listen. The only way I know how to truly absorb music is to sit with it for awhile. I've never quite understood how those who write for monthly music magazine can somehow review dozens and dozens of records in that short time span. I'm sure all of us have learned to absolutely love records that just didn't connect on first listen...or second....or even third.

I have no time table for these posts, but I hope not to work on a geological timescale.

In a broader sense, I'm hoping this blog will act as a repository of sorts...a reference. A place that people will eventually find as they look to the internet for discussions about these records. My hope is that this is interactive, where conversations and reflections can be aired in the comments section - and I will certainly do my best to respond there. I will touch upon records that mean far more to you than they do to me - records that you're more knowledgeable about than to me - and I want this to be a place where you can feed your inner record geek and let loose about the records you love and those you hate.

What this isn't going to be is a Wiki for Dischord. As I mentioned in the intro post, I haven't read the books or seen the documentaries (yet). I don't want to feel like I need to hunt down every last historical detail about the bands or the records or how many pressings and blah-blah-blah. That exists already and it's easily found by opening up a new tab on your browser and doing the Google thing.

With that said, I certainly welcome those details. I welcome being corrected. I'd certainly more than welcome if anyone actually involved in these records found this and used it as an opportunity to tell their story. I mean, how great would THAT be?

But for now - it's us....so let's get started on the journey.

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  1. hopefully you accomplish more than midge did on his failed blog...haha